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Looking to learn more about T2 Systems? Below are links to download some of our latest materials. Here you will find stories about our customer successes as well as detailed information on some of our latest innovations and technologies.

Demo Videos

Innovations:    T2 MobilePay

Permits & Enforcement:    Residential Permits    |    T2 Mobile Enforcement App

Pay Stations:    T2 Luke Cosmo with Apple Pay    |    Pay Station 8 Payment    |    Pay Station 8 Service Menu    |    Online Configuration App

PARCS:    T2 PARCS Solution

Customer Success Stories

T2 Customer Experience Overview 
Parking, mobility, and transportation are about people. Learn about our thriving community over 7,500 parking professionals. 

Brown University Sees the Data Difference with T2’s One-Stop Shop Solution

Learn about our Fixed LPR solution featuring remote cashiering capabilities.

FlexVal Mobile
Learn about our reliable mobile validation tool.

License Plate Recognition Enforcement
Learn about the benefits of LPR enforcement.

Residential Permits
Learn about our convenient, mobile-friendly web application that empowers residents with self-serve functionality and streamlines processes for parking operations.

T2 Analytics NXT
Learn how T2 Analytics NXT can help you make informed decisions, and create action plans to cost-effectively improve performance and achieve objectives.

T2 Contactless Payments
Discover the array of contactless solutions that T2 has to offer.

T2 GateFree
Learn about this bundled solution that enables you to manage your parking operations, maintain revenue collection, and improve customer service in your parking facilities, all without gates.

T2 SecurePay
T2 SecurePay provides an industry-leading layer of card data security to your T2 Pay Stations and PARCS hardware.

Permits and Enforcement Solution

Permits and Enforcement Brochure
Learn about our Permit Management and Enforcement solution and how T2 Flex software can help you succeed.

T2 Flex Brochure
Learn about T2 Flex, the parking industry’s original and premier hosted paring management software. 


Iris Pay Station Solution

Moving from Free to Paid Parking
How multi-space pay stations can spur economic growth for your city.

Pay Station Solution Brochure
The T2 Pay Station Solution is known for legendary quality, attentive service, and interoperability with 3rd party systems.

T2 Hardware
Learn about our Luke line of Multi-Space Pay Stations.

T2 Iris Software
Iris is a secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based data intelligence platform that provides secure and actionable information to the right people at the right time.

T2 Iris – Pay Station 8
Learn about our upcoming Iris software release.

PARCS Solution

PARCS Brochure
T2 PARCS is a reliable and comprehensive solution created and designed specifically for your operation.

T2 Hardware
Learn about our Logan series of PARCS hardware.

T2 Flex Software for PARCS
Whether you are looking to expand your existing Flex Permits and Enforcement solution or upgrade an outdated PARCS system, T2 Flex can help. 

Professional Services

Professional Services Brochure
We offer a wide array of Professional Services that span your entire journey with T2. Read the overview of our Professional Services offering.